5 things you should NEVER do to a maker.

A thousand beads of sweat, one hundred hours, fifty Christmas Rush tears, & three drops of blood to create one dream gift. Makers take pride in their crafts and the effort it takes to create them.

Look we get it, you want stuff cheap, who doesn’t, but do you really want “cheap stuff”?

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Here are five things you should NEVER do to a maker if you don’t want them to lose their minds.

1. Message us every three days to change your original order. Hey, we know that you may have a change of heart or get inspired and want something different and we really truly do want you to love your product. If you have to change the original blueprint of the design let us know as soon as possible and please make sure you have made your final decision.

If we have already started creating your item we will do our very best to accommodate your changes, but you should expect that it will either cost you more or you will receive your product as originally planned. We want you to be in love with our creations, we really do, but we do this for a living and that means we have to make money to feed our puppies and our kids (in that order, jk).

2. Ask to return a piece of artwork that you helped design after you have received it. We do our very best to take your words and turn them into a piece of art we can be proud of, whether that be a leather item or a custom t-shirt. You have proofed the basic design and received your completed item and now you don’t want it?

Although some, (not I of course) may be inclined to tell you “tough-titty, kitty”, we won’t and to make sure you don’t go blast us on the internet we will most likely refund your money. However, we would rather make a few changes to the finished product to make you love it and you should give us that opportunity, please.

3. Tag other makers in photos of our products. Yeah sure, we know our designs will ultimately be copied and remade by other people. Yet still, please DO NOT tag someone in our photos and say “Can you make this cheaper” or “I can make this for you cheaper”. Trust us, they won’t make it as well as we can.

Please do not use photos of our products to advertise for yourself and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF TACOS please do not copy our original items and post them as your own original idea. We know our competition and we have probably seen the photo while we were scouting them out before you ever got out of bed this morning.

Nothing crushes a maker more than a customer asking us to replicate an item for a cheaper cost. True art takes time and time is money. We want to retain our customers and exceed your expectation in quality!

We like good bargains too and we know that we need to keep our price points reasonable. However, we do have to put food in our fur-kids’ food dish. That means it won’t be cheap but it WILL withstand the tests of time.

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4. Message us every day asking when it will be finished. Bud, we know you are excited, and trust me we are too. We make this stuff because it gives us a thrill to see something we finished with our own two hands. We will get your order to you as soon as humanly possible (we are humans with emotions, struggles, and families).

If you are in a rush, let us know that upfront so we can communicate whether or not we can meet that expectation. We want your grandma to get her gift on time too, which is why we need you to be upfront with us.

5. Conceal the fact that you are unhappy. I said all of that other stuff to end with this. Ya’ll are our friends, our family and our livelihood. We want to keep you excited about us, so you will purchase more products in the future.

If you happen to be unsatisfied, let your maker know why. If you conceal it from us or post a bad rating without allowing us to correct the problem we will all be having a bad day. We want to have good days, so let us fix the issue, we will make it right.

Just help us out a little, for every one of these recommendations you break we have ten others doing the same thing. The less stressed we are the more we can get done for you.

But seriously, we love all of our customers and we want them to be lifelong customers.

Until next time, thanks for dropping by!

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11 Millennials who created success at NEO A&M College


Welcome back! 

If you are wondering where you can get this fabulous crossbody and coffee mug, that would be at the Western Women Co booth on April 29th, in Marshfield, Mo on the square. There are going to be over 80 vendors to shop with, and let’s face it you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else, unless you need a corn dog, I won’t be selling those. 

For more sneak peeks at what will be available, go to my Facebook Here or Insta page Here.

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. 

Millennials, the word that leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. When spat out by a Baby Boomer, or a Latch Key Kid, the underlying tone can be derogatory and spiteful.

So, today I am going to give my peers a cookie and highlight some of the good ones for you. 

Not only is our generation full of mountain movers and stigma shakers, but we do A LOT of stuff. We make things. We sell services. We are scrappers and antiquers. Many say the word Millennials with a look of distaste on their face. To that I say, look around.  

Look at the junior college I attended in Miami, Oklahoma. If you want to see some young people with some serious work ethic, the graduates of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M (NEO) will show you just that. Anything you need we can provide, from; retail leather shops to leather carving, lipstick to eyelashes, healthy eating to culinary concoctions, and photography to capture it all. Maybe it was the lead in the water, but when I look at my peers I see a network of young entrepreneurs. Those who are working nose to the grindstone to pursue the same dream that Americans have been pursuing for years. Success.

The best part about these young entrepreneurs is that they are willing to help one another. They promote and educate one another in a way that you are not likely to see between associates of older generations. 

Let’s support small business owners and operators, instead of “squashing their blossoms,” let us lift them to the light.

If you need an example of some Millennials who are killing it everyday, visit the links below and see some amazing work done by those lazy kids I always hear being referred to. 

Millennials Making a Mark:

Comment below a link to YOUR favorite small business owned or operated by a Millennial.